Fully automatic plant wall

Plant wall

Plant walls made of living plants with an automatic watering system connected to the sewage and water supply. The installation of a plant wall made of living plants is possible in any room – residential, commercial or public, the main condition is the presence of nearby water supply and sewage pipelines. The size of the plant wall is not limited. We recommend using programmable additional lighting for plants.

A plant wall can be built anywhere – both living, commercial and social space. With a green wall, you can hide construction defects and harmoniously divide the space into zones. It can be adapted to all kinds of environmental conditions, you just need to design the carpet of plants correctly.

Regardless of the planting and watering system, the walls surrounding the green structure remain clean and dry: soil does not fall off, water does not drip and mold does not form. With regular replacement of plants, the life of green walls is unlimited. Indoor plants for the living wall are selected taking into account the colors and appearance of the leaves so that the overall composition looks exciting.

A room with constant room temperature and the possibility of installing lights is suitable for the plant wall.

  • Irrigation system can
    to connect the water supply and sewage system,
  • a system with a closed water tank can also be used
  • or semi-automatic watering – the module is filled with water manually once a week.

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